Research has shown that malaria remains the foremost disease concern in Nigeria – with an estimated 300,000 children dying of malaria each year.  And Uberfact says malaria has killed more people than all… Continue reading


The SLUM2SchooL Project team had an incredibly busy Day . A day filled with great achievements and many more supports. Waking up on a regular Monday morning comes with some extra effort as… Continue reading


At some point in life I really didn’t like the international media because they portrayed Africans as poor, sick and helpless. Whenever I tuned in to CNN or BBC, if it wasn’t a… Continue reading

It Begins with YOU!!!

It took me a while to get up and put my pen to paper after the SLUM2Schoool Project Launch last weekend as I still remained in shock from what I termed an overwhelming… Continue reading

SLUM2SchooL Project

As a 5yr old kid I could remember Mum waking me up at 5.30am wit a little tap on my ‘bombom’ and together we said the Lord’s prayer. My bath water was always… Continue reading

The Community impact team

We are a group of young people who believe in societal transformation and we are committed to change. Our Community impact team is made up of young Doctors, social workers, engineers, psychologist, development… Continue reading

Yes We Can

  Community Impact is an initiative to drive community development by helping children, caring the elderly, empowering youths, providing for the homeless and victims of abuse, crisis and disaster in our society, rural communities,… Continue reading