Another Award to A Great Team: #TeamS2S

With so much anxiety and excitement i watched closely as the seconds hand slowly clocked 8am. The long awaited fundraising drive had just kicked off and immediately i saw a massive trend of tweets, DPs changing, broadcasts messages flying around and series of calls from numbers i couldn’t identify. I had with me 5 volunteers , Bukky, Fortune, Emcee, Bryan and Osisi who promised to come over and physically manage the campaign. We had our laptop screens all open, replying mails from different cities and countries and monitoring the progress from our goal driven volunteer team around several cities.

For 9 straight hours i sat down on my work space, engulfed in work that I didn’t know how fast time had gone. I watched as the numbers of active volunteers who had promised to raise funds to sponsor a child increased from 183 to 234. It was so amazing to see how selfless young people could be, but indeed it was more inspiring for me to believe more in our generation. I tried to reply as much as possible to incoming message, Eva and Sonia managed our volunteer DP designs and Ekene kept calling in with updates on our progress. I really wish to say a very big congrats to all volunteers for a successful day 1. @Amarachi who already raised funds for 2Children, @Debby who got us a partnership with Black Girls Ignite Africa, a US based NGO for ladies, @Chris who took down our site and began rebuilding and also to every other amazing volunteer who had taken a stand to send a child to school. We are indeed glad and exited about the next 11 days ahead and we hope that together we will make history.

Above all at 6pm we left for a special event that gathered governors and top managers from across nigeria to celebrate and Award the best socially responsible companies. “The red carpet had lots of CEO’s that myself, Wale and Bethia felt some what intimidated. Security and sirens everywhere and finally we had interviews and walked in for the event. Lo and behold the first recognition Award amongst over 17 others was given to us, For the innovative SLUM 2 School Project. I needed to hear my name for the second time to be sure and with shivers running through my spine i got up with other volunteers present to listen to a well writted rendition  recieve the beautiful plaque.  It Was the Nigerian CSR Awards (The SERAs) and others to be recognized were Sen. Liyel Imoke, Executive Governor Cross River State, Kanu Nwankwo, Etisalat, Access Bank, FirstBank, Total Plc, Shell, GTBank and several others.

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For me the Awards brought back some reminders that we are doing something right and bridging a gap that needed attention. You might not know how much impact and Life changing opportunity you are about to give to that child who could end up on the streets without a future. You may not know that you are so blessed and can be a blessing to others. You may possibly not have for now, but you have a voice to speak, a smartphone to share, a network of friends who will gladly help and gladly support on your behalf. Be part of the hope chain as we continue our 12days fund drive to give 200 new children an opportunity to be true leaders of tomorrow.

Many thanks to Dr Ken Egbas, Tru Contact, The SERA Awards, Mr Tayo Olosunde, Bethesda Child Support, Mrs Rapu, Ms Ijeoma. Thanks for the Recognition and your unflinching support and Encouragement to the SLUM2School Project.